• Significant player in the P&C industry with $9.5 billion in gross premium(1), $9.4 billion in equity capital and over 9,000 employees.
  • Strong long-term relationships developed over 30 years and multiple cycles.
  • Global territorial reach in both insurance and reinsurance - underwriting offices in over 30 countries.
  • Over 140 discrete underwriting profit centers through our network of companies.
  • Developed footprint in emerging markets (India, China, MENA, Brazil, South East Asia, Central & Eastern Europe).
  • Fairfax culture is well known and respected within the industry.
  • Fairfax announced a strategic partnership with AIG in October 2016 including the acquisition of AIG’s subsidiaries in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and Turkey and the purchase of AIG’s operational assets and renewal rights for Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.
  • Fairfax will become a strategic network partner to support AIG’s Multinational clients in those countries.


More details on FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS can be found on www.fairfax.ca.


LTM Net Premiums Written $8.1 billion
Investment Portfolio $28.7 billion(2)
Common Shareholders’ Equity $9.4 billion
Stock Price C$695